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Linda Turlington (NC '94)

At the time of the Award, Linda Turlington was:

Harnett Primary School
Dunn, NC

Biographical Information

Linda Turlington, principal of LaFayette Elementary School in Kipling, was inspired by her mother, now a retired school teacher, and by several of her own teachers to become a teacher, "just like them." Now, she too has a daughter who chose to become a teacher. Ms. Turlington's extensive participation in professional organizations began early in her teaching career, and she continues to be responsible for numerous staff development workshops. Her wide expertise has permitted her to address matters ranging from education technology to whole language in the classroom. Under her tutelage, student performance on standardized tests at LaFayette Elementary School has taken the lead in the county, and students are performing above state average. In 1991, when LaFayette Elementary School was destroyed by fire, Ms. Turlington was able to galvanize the community and keep school in session under the most difficult of circumstances.