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Linda Leininger (OR '94)


At the time of the Award, Linda Leininger was:

Alameda Elementary School
Ontario, OR

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary

Biographical Information

Linda Leininger, an educator for twenty-three years, taught kindergarten at Alameda Elementary School in Ontario. "I was fortunate," said Mrs. Leininger, "to have been involved in the implementation of kindergarten in my district." As part of a team of educators, she helped devise the curriculum, develop guidelines for progress reports, and select the assessment strategies now in use at the six schools that make up the district. The curriculum borrows widely from all disciplines including the creative arts. Given the richness and breadth of the curriculum she taught, Mrs. Leininger welcomed every opportunity to "open doors for children." She also thought, however, that enthusiasm for new material should be tempered by a sensitivity to each child's abilities and interests.