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Leslie J. Fansler

Leslie J. Fansler (TX '00)


Carver Early Childhood Academy
Amarillo, TX

At the time of the Award, Leslie J. Fansler was:

Carver Early Childhood Academy
Amarillo, TX

Subject(s) taught: Early Childhood
Grade(s): Pre-K, K

Biographical Information

Early childhood special education teacher Leslie Fansler served on the original steering committee to open the Carver Early Childhood Academy magnet program in Amarillo. She has since developed creative, hands-on units to help all her students learn, including "Group Soup," in which students bring vegetables from home and prepare and make a pot of soup, learning everything from temperatures, measurements and sizes to health and culture. As the regional coordinator for the Deaf-Blind-Multi-Handicapped Association of Texas, she strives to help special needs students and their families achieve independence. As part of this effort, Mrs. Fansler works with the school's dance teacher to ensure that her special needs students have an opportunity to participate in dance performances.

Additional Information


1992 Texas A&M University System, B.S.