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Laura Hills (DC '04)


Stoddert Elementary School
Washington, DC

Grade(s): 1

At the time of the Award, Laura Hills was:

Francis Scott Key Elementary School
Washington, DC

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 2

Biographical Information

First-grade teacher Laura Hills uses the city as her classroom for students at Stoddert Elementary School in Washington, D.C. Mrs. Hills has created an effective leadership program and involved entire families in family research projects. A certified Phonographic Specialist, Mrs. Hills is an active member of the school community, serving on the school’s reading goals team and the Personnel Committee that advises the principal on new hires. She has also served as a master teacher for several student teachers from American University. Mrs. Hills was a 2017 nominee for the Rubinstein Award for Highly Effective educators. Her students score well above the national norm.