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Kris (Newcomb) Schneider (NE '99)

Director of Federal Programs

Grand Island Public Schools

At the time of the Award, Kris (Newcomb) Schneider was:

Horizon Middle School
Kearney, NE

Subject(s) taught: Biology/Life Science
Grade(s): 7

Biographical Information

At Horizon Middle School in Kearney, life science and reading teacher Kris (Newcomb) Schneider's interdisciplinary instructional approach connects children's learning to the real world. Combining creativity with science, Ms. (Newcomb) Schneider's students conduct research and experiments on seven internal human body systems. They then create "travel brochures" describing the various parts of a tour through the human body, complete with drawings, computer graphics, photographs of actual organs, and at least ten different terms in a language other than English. The top twelve brochures are sent to the University of Nebraska Medical Center for final judging. Another of Ms. (Newcomb) Schneider's creative units is "Magnificent Mysteries," in which students investigate a fictional crime using the scientific method.

Additional Information


1995 University of Nebraska - Kearney, B.A.