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Ken Almon (GA '98)

Physical Education Instructor

Baldwin Elementary School
Norcross, GA

Subject(s) taught: Physical Education

At the time of the Award, Ken Almon was:

Norcross Elementary School
Norcross, GA

Grade(s): 5

Biographical Information

After more than two decades of teaching fifth grade at Norcross Elementary School in Norcross, Ken Almon published Finding Favor with Your Students: National Award-Winning Educator Shares Strategies on Becoming the Teacher Your Students Would Choose, basing much of his book on his experiences at Norcross. Almon's innovative learning strategies have included student musical presentations of grammar and math facts, mock poetry cafes, simulated journeys into space, bean plant studies utilizing journal records, harvesting a fall garden, and personally coaching students in softball and soccer. Almon often hosts after-school "read-ins," all-day math and science sessions, and classes for parents to help them understand and better reinforce the concepts that their children are learning. By sharing his teaching strategies with other Norcross staff, Almon has assisted in developing other outstanding teachers.

Additional Information


1983 State University of West Georgia, B.S.