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Kelly Giguere

Kelly Giguere (NH '03)


Londonderry Senior High School
Londonderry, NH

At the time of the Award, Kelly Giguere was:

Londonderry Senior High School
Londonderry, NH

Subject(s) taught: English/Language
Grade(s): 9, 10

Biographical Information

As a teacher of lower-level English at Londonderry High School in Londonderry, Kelly Giguere has improved her students' performance, sometimes by as much as two grade levels per year. She keeps her students interested in reading and writing through such active projects as book clubs, round-table editing and board games that her students create based on books they have read. Mrs. Giguere co-designed an interdisciplinary unit on the Holocaust with colleagues in the art, English and math departments, and played a key role in redesigning the school's lower-level ninth- and tenth-grade English program. She helped modify the district's benchmarks for English among special education students and has worked with a learning consultant to improve instruction for special education students in mainstreamed classes. Mrs. Giguere was recently selected as a member of the district's Special Education Committee.

Additional Information


1988 University of Vermont, B.A.