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Keith Zamudio

Keith Zamudio (AK '98)


Technology Director

Cordova School District
Cordova, AK

At the time of the Award, Keith Zamudio was:

White Cliff Elementary School
Ketchikan, AK

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 6

Biographical Information

Sixth-grade teacher Keith Zamudio is a catalyst for educational reform and improvement at White Cliff Elementary School in Ketchikan, and throughout the district as well. He successfully lobbied for implementation of two-to-three year looping at the school, participated in developing a district math curriculum aligned with the National Council of Teachers of Math standards, and has been a tireless proponent of district networking. At one time he was the only educator in his school using computers for both instruction and administration. Mr. Zamudio has since played an instrumental role in making technology the norm at White Cliff, providing instruction to students, fellow teachers, and members of the community on the effective use of technology for learning.

Additional Information


1978 University of Wisconsin - Superior, B.A. Elementary Education

1999 Western Washington University Masters of Education School Administration: Instructional Technology