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Kathryn Porterfield (OR '92)

Teacher on Special Assignment

Centennial School District
Portland, OR

At the time of the Award, Kathryn Porterfield was:

Lynch View Elementary School
Portland, OR

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 5, 6

Biographical Information

Kathryn Porterfield is a general education teacher of fifth and sixth grade students at Lynch View School in Portland. A fourth generation educator, Ms. Portfield follows the whole language philosophy of education which builds on the individual strengths of each child and empowers children by giving them the responsibility for their own education. "I am passionate about the child centered theory," she says. This theory is the basis of Ms. Porterfield's holistic approach to teaching, which relates the various disciplines to each other and to the real-life experiences of her students. The curriculum and practices Ms. Porterfield uses reinforce the idea of teacher as the facilitator - rather than the imparter - of knowledge to children

Additional Information


1980 Portland State University, B.A.