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Kathryn Nicole Garrett (MO '02)

Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs

Normandy Early Childhood Center
St. Louis, MO

At the time of the Award, Kathryn Nicole Garrett was:

Title I Instructional Specialist
Bel-Nor Elementary School
St. Louis, MO

Biographical Information

Before becoming an instructional specialist in 2002 at Bel-Nor Elementary School in Normandy, Kathryn Nicole Garrett was a kindergarten teacher for ten years. During this time, she involved her young students in creative, hands-on activities that targeted specific academic objectives. Ms. Garrett implemented a program called "Land of the Letter People," in which letters and their sounds are taught using inflatable characters, theme songs and books or lessons that deal with other curricular areas such as math and science. She also implemented the Missouri Reading Initiative (MRI), a balanced literacy approach that includes strategies such as teacher-guided, small-group reading and literacy corners for independent practice of skills. Ms. Garrett has conducted and facilitated several early childhood education workshops on learning centers and the use of developmentally appropriate practices. She also played a key role in establishing a full-day program at the Normandy School District's Normandy Kindergarten Center.

Additional Information


1992 Southern University - Baton Rouge, B.A.