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Katherine S. McAdams (WY '05)

At the time of the Award, Katherine S. McAdams was:

Carey Junior High School
Cheyenne, WY

Subject(s) taught: English/Language, Drama/Theater
Grade(s): 9

Biographical Information

To get to know the students in her school, English teacher Kay McAdams reads every one of their writing portfolios-all 1,100! Expecting much from herself as well as her students, Ms. McAdams uses creativity to fuel student learning. Engaging students in theater games helps them increase their memory while having them write Chaucer's Middle English shows them how language has evolved over time. Writing is a central focus of Ms. McAdams's instruction. Her students often win Young Author competitions and continue to win writing contests even in college. Constant support is another cornerstone of Kay McAdams' teaching. Available before and after school for extra study, she has been known to work with students at the library on Saturdays, picking them up and taking them there herself if necessary. Her after-school program for at-risk students yielded a high success rate. That devotion carries over into her leadership of other teachers as well, as in a summer writing class she teaches for 20 of her colleagues. Words like dedication, motivation and enthusiasm only begin to describe this National Board Certified teacher.