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Judy Parlato (MI '93)

Adjunct Education Instructor

Northern Michigan University

At the time of the Award, Judy Parlato was:

Gwinn Middle School
Gwinn, MI

Subject(s) taught: English/Language Arts
Grade(s): 7

Biographical Information

Judy Parlato teaches language arts to the seventh grade at Gwinn Middle School in Gwinn. Mrs Parlato began her career as an educator twenty-seven years ago; she describes the process as one that has allowed her to mature as an educator and grow as a human being. "Today's educator," she says, "needs to be sensitive to the entire child, and look beyond behavior into the source of pain. Our bag of tricks must include answers to questions unasked in the 1960s." Mrs. Parlato describes the changes in attitudes about education as ones that have transformed her deeply, and his is grateful for the transformation. Yesterday's teacher may have praised cooperation and enthusiasm above all else, but today's teacher must "remember to laugh when the obvious reaction would be to scold." According to Mrs. Parlato, a teacher's role today is more fulfilling because it is more essential. "I know I make a difference. I am the touchstone. I am always there, smiling, the same today as yesterday."

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1967 Michigan State University, B.A.