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Judy Lissman

Judy Lissman (WY '94)


At the time of the Award, Judy Lissman was:

Southeast Goshen Elementary School
Yoder, WY

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 1

Biographical Information

"I like to think that I've given students the keys to new doors and to new ways of experiencing the world around them," says Judy Lissman, who teaches first graders at Southeast Elementary School in Yoder. Ms. Lissman has developed a video assessment program at her school: by keeping a video record of her students' performances, she is able to closely review and evaluate their progress. "Learning Bags," another program initiated by Ms. Lissman, brings the entire family into the child's educational experience. Designed on the model of a lending library, the program makes books, activities, and small computer games available to the student for use in the home. Ms. Lissman also works to improve channels of communication between the educational profession and the public. "We must keep the good things that educators do in the news," she says.

Personal Message

I decided to try retirement after teaching for 43 years at Southeast Elementary. However, you just can't stop "cold turkey". I am currently doing substitute teaching in the Laramie County School Dist. 1 in Cheyenne, WY. I enjoy keeping up with the latest happenings in education and visiting classrooms to see the students engaged in learning. I also have done some NCA Quality Assurance Review visits and hope to continue in this endeaver. I want to thank the Milken Foundation for all of the wonderful support that they have given me since my award. I still believe that we need to improve channels of communication between the educational profession and the public. We must keep the many accomplishments by the professional educators in the news.

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Additional Information


1964 University of Wyoming, B.A.

America Reads, Reading, Science, Early Child Development, Parental Involvement