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Judy Bayley Piccininni (NV '04)

Literacy Coordinator

Doral Academy of Nevada
Las Vegas, NV

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary

At the time of the Award, Judy Bayley Piccininni was:

James H. Bilbray Elementary School
Las Vegas, NV

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): K

Biographical Information

Judy Bayley Piccininni currently serves as the Literacy Curriculum Coordinator for Doral Academy of Nevada, an arts integration K-12 charter system with four school campuses, K-8, and one school campus, K-12. Mrs. Piccininni assisted in the opening of each campus and continually provides instructional support and systemic initiatives to coaches, teachers, and students in the area of literacy and assessment. The mission of Doral Academy calls upon students to engage in an academically challenging and personally meaningful learning environment with an emphasis on arts integration.  Content area standards are mastered by students through engagement in rigorous units of study using art processes and creative art forms to apply learned content skills.  Through engagement in cross-curricular, project-based instruction, students are motivated to find their passion and love for learning as well as realize gains in their academic achievement.

Prior to moving to Doral Academy of Nevada, Mrs. Piccininni worked in the Clark County School District as a member of the district’s Instructional Coaching Team where she mentored teachers in the area of literacy and assessment.  In this position, she was part of an innovative literacy and math team who provided support to struggling schools to reform practices through teacher and administrative coaching and mentoring.  During this time, she worked with key writers of the Common Core Curriculum and professors from the University of Nevada Las Vegas on reforming organizations.

Mrs. Piccininni has also served as a Literacy Curriculum Facilitator for the Clark County School’s Curriculum and Professional Development department.  Her primary role focused on revision and oversight of the intervention programs and  continued research in the area of reading and assessment district-wide.

Mrs. Piccininni began teaching in the Clark County School District in 1994.  She worked in schools as a kindergarten teacher, first grade teacher and a Literacy/Intervention Specialist where she wrote and received various grants, coached teachers, and worked with struggling learners at every grade level.  In addition, she worked closely with legislation to gain full-day kindergarten.