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Jonna Rae Adcox

Jonna Rae Adcox (SC '02)


Kelly Edwards Elementary School
Williston, SC

At the time of the Award, Jonna Rae Adcox was:

Kelly Edwards Elementary School
Williston, SC

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary, Spanish
Grade(s): K

Biographical Information

Kindergarten teacher Jonna Rae Adcox incorporates problem solving, music, creative writing, art and Spanish into her curriculum at Kelly Edwards Elementary School in Williston. Each year, her students learn to count, sort and measure as they prepare a Thanksgiving feast. Her "Carry Out Homework" and "Math and Science to Go" packets involve parents in fun activities that reinforce their children's classroom learning. At the end of each year, Mrs. Adcox instills in her students a sense of accomplishment by presenting them with portfolios of their work throughout the year, including photos she has taken of their classroom successes. A mentor teacher and local PTA president, Mrs. Adcox's leadership was instrumental in helping her district post the highest scores in the state on South Carolina's Cognitive Skills Assessment Battery (CSAB) for two years in a row.

Additional Information


1990 University of South Carolina - Aiken, B.A.