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John Spradling (NM '93)


At the time of the Award, John Spradling was:

Artesia High School
Artesia, NM

Biographical Information

"My outstanding sixth grade teacher, who later became my high school English teacher, prompted my decision to become an educator," said John Spradling, principal of Artesia Junior High School in Artesia. Early on in his career, Mr. Spradling understood that his interest in teaching was not an incidental choice but a lifelong commitment. Mr. Spradling believed that his ability to work with all economic and ethnic groups in a positive and encouraging environment set him apart as an educator. He urged both faculty and students to pursue their highest potential, and to become self-reliant and worthwhile contributors to modern society. Mr. Spradling believed that economic hardship should not stand in the way of education, and he dreamt of taking an active part in an educational system that would allow financially disadvantaged students to fulfill their educational goals.

Additional Information


1968 Southwest State University, B.A.