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John Soderman (NV '94)

Assistant District Superintendent

Douglas County Schools
Minden, NV

At the time of the Award, John Soderman was:

C.C. Meneley Elementary School
Gardnerville, NV

Biographical Information

"I promote teamwork, shared decision making and collective action," says John Soderman, principal of C.C. Meneley Elementary School in Gardnerville. Under Mr. Soderman's leadership, C.C. Meneley Elementary School has instituted a shared governance model which relies on a written decision-making plan and trains its focus on teaching and learning. Mr. Soderman has also overseen the school's transformation from a traditional model to a multi-track, year-round design. Improved intervention programs for students who are at-risk, a student volunteer program, a variety of enrichment programs and an after-school tutoring program have also been established by Mr. Soderman. As a member of the Strategic Planning Committee in his school district, Mr. Soderman serves on a task force for curriculum development.