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Joe Davis

Joe Davis (WY '97)

Activity Director

Rocky Mountain High School
Byron, WY

At the time of the Award, Joe Davis was:

Rocky Mountain High School
Byron, WY

Biographical Information

Joe Davis, principal of Rocky Mountain High School in Byron, is an educator with one eye on the future. Since arriving at Rocky Mountain, his far-reaching vision has brought computers to every classroom and established three computer labs, all of them networked and connected to the Internet. His leadership has also increased the students' discipline and morale, as evidenced by the fact that 96% of the students now participate in some form of extracurricular activity, up from 68% when Mr. Davis first arrived at the school. Mr. Davis is an influential leader who maintains an open-door policy for students, parents, faculty and staff, and he frequently shares ideas from professional development conferences with his teachers.

Additional Information


1971 University of Utah, B.A.

Athletics, At-risk Students, Attendance, Discipline, Extracurricular Activities