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Jewell Whatley (AR '95)


At the time of the Award, Jewell Whatley was:

Pine Bluff High School
Pine Bluff, AR

Biographical Information

Jewell Whatley teachers advanced-placement biology and biology to tenth-, eleventh- and twelfth-graders at Pine Bluff High School in Pine Bluff. "Because students learn at different rates and in different ways," says Mrs. Whatley, "I use a variety of instructional techniques, including cooperative learning, role-playing, simulations, brainstorming and peer tutoring." A "Student of the Month" achievement program and an annual Science Expo, attended by scientists from the community and highlighting student research and hands-on activities, are among the many strategies introduced by Mrs. Whatley in an effort to promote science education. As a member of the Steering Committee of the Arkansas Systemic Initiative, Mrs. Whatley is involved in the current statewide effort to restructure science education. Mrs. Whatley is also active in the development and implementation of national Science Education Standards.