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Jessica Lee Haxhi (CT '02)

Supervisor of World Languages

New Haven Public Schools
New Haven, CT

At the time of the Award, Jessica Lee Haxhi was:

Maloney Interdistrict Magnet School
Waterbury, CT

Subject(s) taught: Foreign Language
Grade(s): Pre-K, 2, 3, 5

Biographical Information

Japanese language teacher Jessica Lee Haxhi conveys her love of the Japanese language and culture to the students and school community at Maloney Magnet School in Waterbury. Ms. Haxhi created and designed Maloney's Japanese as a Second Language program and has seen it evolve into a comprehensive K-5 curriculum based on national and state standards. Each year, she coordinates a schoolwide summer festival, at which students wear kimonos, sing, dance and eat sushi. Ms. Haxhi also coordinates a popular "Lunch with Sensei" program, in which she meets parents and students for a weekend sushi lunch to learn more about Japanese culture. She has served as president of the National Council of Japanese Language Teachers, has served on various curriculum-writing committees, and continues to be involved in elementary-level world language institutes at the national and state levels.

Additional Information


1990 Duke University, B.A.