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Jennifer Mitchell

Jennifer Mitchell (MN '10)


Rice Lake Elementary
Maple Grove, MN

At the time of the Award, Jennifer Mitchell was:

TAP Master Teacher
Sojourner Truth Academy
Minneapolis, MN

Grade(s): 5

Biographical Information

Jennifer Mitchell is currently enrolled at the University of St. Thomas, pursuing an administrative license that will be completed by the Summer of 2016. Mitchell will start a new position in the fall of 2015 at Edinbrook Elementary School in the Osseo School District. Her new position as an Instructional Assistant for the Administrative Team will allow her to continue to impact professional peers, students, and parents. Previously, Jennifer Mitchell was a solutions-oriented leader at Sojourner Truth Academy in Minneapolis, MN, and was highly regarded for her impact on students, parents, and professional peers as a master teacher with TAP™: The System for Teacher and Student Advancement. An expert at evaluating achievement and differentiating instruction to maximize comprehension for each student, Mitchell maintained direct contact with parents and helped fellow instructors with parent meetings. Additionally, Mitchell developed her own individual growth plan in the areas of student achievement, cultural responsiveness and collaboration and leadership—a strategy that has borne fruit for students and staff alike.

Thanks to Mitchell’s zealous efforts, Sojourner Truth reported impressive achievement gains. When she started at the school as a third-grade teacher, students improved by 83 percent in reading and 80 percent in math on the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) exams. On the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment, 54 percent were proficient in reading (36 percent the prior year) and 43 percent were proficient in math (21 percent the prior year). Just as admirably, the high-poverty school made AYP for math in the lower grades for the first time ever— recording a 16 percent increase in math proficiency in 2008–09 and an 11 percent increase in 2010.

A member of the executive leadership team, Mitchell represented her school at the National TAP Conference sponsored by the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET). Mitchell was invited by NIET to speak about TAP to U.S. congressional members in Washington, D.C. With her burgeoning list of accomplishments, it’s no wonder Jennifer Mitchell caught the eye of her city, state and nation.

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Jennifer Mitchell In The News

Minneapolis teacher wins $25,000 honor
Star Tribune  |  Nov 16 , 2010  |  Minneapolis, MN

Cash Awards For Top Teachers
CBS Minnesota  |  Oct 16 , 2010  |  Minneapolis, MN

Additional Information


2003 M.Ed in Elementary Education

Instructional Strategies, Coaching, Teacher Evaluation

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