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Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer Bishop (TX '00)


At the time of the Award, Jennifer Bishop was:

Alamo Elementary School
Baytown, TX

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics
Grade(s): 3

Biographical Information

Third-grade math, science and social studies teacher Jennifer Bishop is affectionately known as the "Missionary" at Alamo Elementary School in Baytown for the many hours she spends outside class forging strong parent and community partnerships. As a parent educator and family involvement coordinator, Mrs. Bishop teaches parents how to help their children learn. She also enlists the aid of local businesses through the Chamber of Commerce's Partners in Education program. In the classroom, she individualizes her students' learning by personalizing test questions using the children's names and makes learning real by inviting blacksmiths and potters to demonstrate their craft in class. As a result, her students' TAAS scores are consistently in the high 90's.

Personal Message

I am currently retired and living in Georgia. I love volunteering for my daughter at Spring Place Elementary in Chatsworth, GA, where she is their media specialist. I'll always be grateful for the opportunity afforded me by the Milken Family Fellowship. My daughter recently said, when being interviewed, that meeting the outstanding educators at the Awards Week was the most influential experience in molding her philosophy of teaching. The dedication, energy, and selfless service of the Milken Recipients helped to shape her into the outstanding educator she is today. Thank you, Milken Family, for making life enriching contributions into the lives of teachers across our country. I, for one, will be eternally grateful!

Additional Information

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