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Jeffrey White

Jeffrey White (MO '99)

Assistant Superintendent

Fort Osage School District
Independence, MO

At the time of the Award, Jeffrey White was:

Truman High School
Independence, MO

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

A former college football coach, Jeffrey White emphasizes teamwork and shared decision-making as principal of Truman High School in Independence. To help incoming ninth-graders make a smooth transition to high school and feel a greater sense of belonging, Mr. White places them in academic teams guided by teachers from each core subject area. This approach has significantly increased parental involvement and improved student achievement. Mr. White has also grouped his staff into ten "vision teams," which constantly review current research in their respective areas of concern and develop and implement school improvement plans. As a result, morale among the faculty at Truman remains high, and administrative problems are solved more quickly.

Personal Message

I am interested in how other school districts are attracting, supporting, and retaining administrators in their respective districts.

Additional Information


1976 University of Wisconsin - Madison, B.A.