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Jeffie Frazier (CT '96)


At the time of the Award, Jeffie Frazier was:

Helene W. Grant Elementary School
New Haven, CT

Biographical Information

"Learning takes place within the framework of high expectations, parental involvement, community support and teachers helping teachers," says Jeffie Frazier, principal of Helene W. Grant Elementary School in New Haven. Under Mrs. Frazier's leadership, her school is a much sought-after "out-of-district" school, attracting 68% of its students from surrounding communities. An educator for more than 30 years, she has implemented numerous programs that target community and parental commitment, which attributes to the school's ongoing success. All parents are required to participate in a 20-hour service program and attend mini-school days to gain firsthand experience with their child's daily activities. Saturday school sessions, an integral part of the curriculum, are open to parents and senior citizens. To increase the involvement of fathers and to provide students with male role models, Mrs. Frazier also created the Mentoring Program for Black Males, an academic and personal support program.