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Jeannine Salzer (MN '05)

Algebra and Geometry Teacher and District K -12 Math Curriculum Coordinator

Hopkins North Junior High School
Minnetonka, MN

At the time of the Award, Jeannine Salzer was:

Hopkins North Junior High School
Minnetonka, MN

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics
Grade(s): 7, 8

Biographical Information

Jeannine teacher 8th and 9th grade Algebra and Geometry at Hopkins North Junior High. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, she is also the k-12 Curriculum Coordinator for Mathematics.
Jeannine holds other leadership positions in the school system including the building instructional leadership team. Jeannine earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education with a middle school certificate from St. Cloud State University, her masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from St. Thomas University and another undergraduate degree in 5-12 math education from Metro State University. In addition, Jeannine is also a Nationally Board Certified teacher and actively involved in the MN Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Through the use of best practice, technology and equity Jeannine creates a classroom that is full of discussion, problem solving and fun.

Personal Message

I am always looking for ideas on how to reach the underachieving student. Any proven classroom tips would be greatly appreciated. I would love to learn of positive ways to reinforce both behavior and skills for my junior high students. Anything that you have found particularly useful I would enjoy hearing about.