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Jeanne Dawson (RI '90)

Educational Consultant

At the time of the Award, Jeanne Dawson was:

Edward S. Rhodes Elementary School
Cranston, RI

Subject(s) taught: Gifted

Biographical Information

Jeanne E. Dawson serves as coordinator and teacher of Cranston's Primary Enrichment Program. A 20-year veteran of the classroom who began her teaching career as a first-grade teacher, she served for four years as the part-time coordinator of Cranston's Teaching Center - a resource created to address teacher needs. For the past two years, this current president of the State Advocates for Gifted Education (SAGE) has helped drive curriculum development and revision for all-day kindergarten and transition room programs initiated in Cranston two years ago under the Literacy Act. A firm believer in learning by doing, Ms. Dawson has developed numerous classroom strategies which use various games and activities to promote learning.