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Jean M. Hall, Ed.D. (ND '00)


At the time of the Award, Jean M. Hall, Ed.D. was:

Edwin Loe Elementary School
New Town, ND

Biographical Information

Dr. Jean Hall, principal of Edwin Loe Elementary School in New Town, is an instructional leader who has shepherded the careers of several teachers to the point that they have become mentors themselves. Through a school-wide focus on student-centered learning, supported by a clearly articulated curriculum and classroom observations, Dr. Hall has helped transform the school and boosted student achievement. She spends a great deal of time planning staff development with her teachers through a pilot program involving the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. She is also active in the teacher education program at the local community college and is involved in tribal government through the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Additional Information


1971 Dickinson State University, B.S.