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Janet Angelier (WA '94)


At the time of the Award, Janet Angelier was:

Lake Spokane Elementary School
Nine Mile Fall, WA

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 2, 3

Biographical Information

Janet Angelier  is senior associate for The Powerful Teaching and Learning Group, LLC, where she provides consulting, strategic planning and professional development services for schools. The organization partners with The BERC Group, a team of highly experienced educators headquartered in Redmond that provides strategies for education reform to more than 270 Washington State schools and 50 schools nationally. Previously, Angelier was the worldwide program manager of primary and secondary programs for the Microsoft Corporation, also in Redmond. Angelier also formerly served as director of the Milken Education Network for the Milken Family Foundation, where she collaborated with state departments of education to provide strategic planning and support for state networks comprised of over 1,800 award-winning educators in 45 states. Angelier later became the national training director for the Foundation's Teacher Advancement Program (TAP), a national model for school reform. Formerly a teacher at Lake Spokane Elementary School in Nine Mile Falls, Angelier was instrumental in developing the school's first multi-age classroom. Angelier stressed parental involvement as being an essential factor in the success of her students, and implemented an after-school arts program for those interested in furthering their drawing, pottery, printmaking, watercolor and oil painting skills.

Personal Message

Since receiving the Milken Educator Award in 1994 I have had many wonderful professional growth opportunities. The greatest of these is being appointed the Director of the Milken Educator Network. This allows me to work closely with other Milken Educators around the nation as they develop their state networks. I welcome any suggestions from my fellow recipients as to how I can help our network become a strong and powerful voice in the educational community and in the process build an even stronger sense of community among ourselves.

Additional Information


1972 Eastern Washington University, B.A.

Professional Development, Strategic Planning

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