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James House (WY '94)


Training Manager

Folsom, CA

At the time of the Award, James House was:

McFadden Elementary School
McFadden, WY

Biographical Information

At the time of his award, James House was teaching kindergarten through sixth grade in a one-room school, the McFadden Elementary School in McFadden. "Cooperative learning and peer tutoring were two strategies that proved invaluable in my multiple grade level situation, "says Mr. House. During his time in the classroom, he received numerous awards for his innovative physical education programs and creative use of technology and media in the elementary school setting. In 2001, after 21 years in the classroom and serving as the District Technology Director, James moved to California to work with an educational software company, PowerSchool. Although, as of 2020, James has retired, he continues volunteering as a teacher. He has led teams of physical and occupational therapists, special education teachers, and science teachers to Malawi, Africa to provide training opportunities for teachers and government officials in that country.

Additional Information


1989 University of Wyoming, M.S.

1980 University of Sioux Falls, B.A.