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Dr. James C. Brown (RI '96)


At the time of the Award, Dr. James C. Brown was:

Washington Oak Elementary School
Coventry, RI

Grade(s): Pre-K, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Biographical Information

"An important aspect of the work of a school principal is to recognize, encourage and support the leadership of all constituents of the school community, including students, teachers, support staff, and parents," says Dr. James Brown. Under his leadership when he was principal of Washington Oak School in Coventry, Rhode Island, the school developed model programs in several areas. A program for the inclusion of special needs students in the regular classroom resulted in increased self-confidence, respect and appreciation of diversity, and improved relationships among all members of the school community. The Family Center, a volunteer-staffed facility, assisted teachers and offered parent workshops, adult computer classes, pre-school activities, and GED preparation classes, and helped pave the way for increased and meaningful family and community engagement in school reform efforts. In an effort to increase student writing skills, professional development opportunities were provided in the writing process; time was allocated for teacher collaboration on the development of grade level standards and rubrics; and the Paradise Publishing Company, a children's publishing center staffed by teachers and parents, was opened to celebrate students' successes.

Personal Message

In 1999 I left the elementary principalship to become the Assistant Executive Director of the Massachusetts Elementary School Principals' Association. This role provided me an opportunity to work with principals and assistant principals throughout the Commonwealth. After retiring in 2013 I have become an independent education consultant in the area of education leadership, working most recently in Kuwait with school leaders of public schools at all levels.

Additional Information


Ph.D. The University of Alabama 1984

School Leadership, Team Building, Family & Community Engagement, PLC's