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Jacquelyn Combs (KS '92)


Chase County Elementary School
Cottonwood Falls, KS

At the time of the Award, Jacquelyn Combs was:

Stafford Elementary School
Stafford, KS

Biographical Information

Jacquelyn Combs is principal of Stafford Community Elementary School in Stafford. A recipient of the Teachers Make a Difference Award for 1990 from KTKA-TV of Topeka, Ms. Combs has also been awarded a Kan LEAD Fellowship, which supports women and minorities in the field of education administration. Committed to staff development and team building, Ms. Combs has served in a variety of roles including as K-12 curriculum director, Staff Development Monitor and Leadership Cadre participant. She has also been a Whole Language Presenter and Trainer since 1987. "I am committed to creating an atmosphere built on collaboration, trust, and shared decision making," say Ms. Combs, " an atmosphere where all stakeholders can grasp hands for the future of our kids, our nation, and our world."