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Godfrey Saunders

Godfrey Saunders (MT '99)


At the time of the Award, Godfrey Saunders was:

Bozeman High School
Bozeman, MT

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Principal Godfrey Saunders has brought strong leadership to Bozeman High School in Bozeman. He has reorganized the structure of department leadership and implemented the inclusion of special needs students. Mr. Saunders also played a key role in establishing the Bridger Alternative School at Bozeman, a model environment for at-risk students. He has also supported numerous activities and organizations, from the on-line student newspaper, Hawk Talk, to advisory councils for the business and trades programs. His openness and fair-mindedness with students helped diffuse tensions following the Columbine tragedy and has made him a principal that students feel comfortable talking to. Mr. Saunders applies that same sense of openness toward his staff, parents and the community.

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Milestone: Godfrey Saunders (MT ’99) Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Additional Information


1976 Western Montana College, B.A.