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Glojean Todacheene

Glojean Todacheene (NM '94)

County Commissioner

San Juan County

At the time of the Award, Glojean Todacheene was:

Mesa Elementary School
Shiprock, NM

Biographical Information

Before retiring, GloJean Todacheene worked for 26 years in the Central Consolidated School District#22 as a home economics educator, an elementary school principal and a curriculum support administrator. She inspired many of her students to believe that "the future belongs to a learned person." She emphasized that for all minorities, education is the key to a better quality of life and personal success. Ms. Todacheene demonstrated that any Native American can obtain a "piece of the American Pie" through hard work, persistence, diligence, integrity and good character. She was a champion for bilingual and multi-cultural education, believing that speaking more than one language enriches a person's life and gives that person a sense of identity. She was an inspiration to many of her Navajo students.

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Albuquerque Journal  |  Oct 05 , 2015  |  Albuquerque, NM

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1978 University of New Mexico, B.A.

Bilingual Education, Business Partnerships, Community Involvement, Community Partnerships, Community Service, Conflict Management, Discipline, Diversity, Gender Equity, Local Culture(s)