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Dr. Glenn Walker

Dr. Glenn Walker (KS '93)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Glenn Walker was:

Clifton-Clyde High School
Clyde, KS

Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

Glenn Walker was the principal of Clifton-Clyde High School & Clyde Elementary School in Clyde. "Education," he says, "should introduce options into one's life;" and, he adds, "it should develop the ability to choose wisely from among the options." In a concerted effort to encourage academic and personal excellence, Mr. Walker has been instrumental in designing and implementing a number of programs at his school. The Extended Learning Opportunity program, for example, serves students with a less than average academic performance, who have not successfully pursued the tutorial after-school help policies already in place. The program assists students in the successful completion of tasks; hence, attendance in the program is not necessarily a permanent arrangement, but reflects a day-to-day status of a student's performance. The program promotes individual supervision of the student's progress, and it is designed with parental participation and notification in mind. One of the virtues of such a program is its rotational quality; by highlighting the completion of specific tasks, the program is purposefully designed not to identify the individual student with a passing difficulty.

Personal Message

Dr. Walker is now retired from professional education but still very interested. Barbara, wife, and Dr. Walker have permanently funded a $4000 annual scholarship at their local high school to encourage academic excellence. To stay out of trouble, he manages and operates a ranch in the beautiful Smoky Hills in central Kansas. His personal herd includes approximately 100 mother cows and he cares for about 900 steers each summer. He serves on the county soil conservation board and is very active in grass management affairs.

Additional Information


1968 McPherson College, B.A.

Community Service, Restructuring, Scheduling