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Georjean Seeliger (AK '95)


At the time of the Award, Georjean Seeliger was:

Hutchison Career Center
Fairbanks, AK

Subject(s) taught: Home Economics

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"The most important thing I have taught my students is to accept the fact that change starts with one's self, that there are many solutions to a problem, and that each of us has value as a human being," says Georjean Seeliger, who teaches home economics at the Hutchison Career Center in Fairbanks. After extensive research on existing programs for pregnant and parenting teens, Ms. Seeliger developed an education component for the OPTION Teen Parenting Program. Responsive to the needs of the population it serves, the program allows young parents the opportunity to complete their education and offers a "reality-based" curriculum geared toward the healthy development of young parents and their children. The program also offers transportation, on-site childcare and access to a supportive network of community agencies.

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1973 University of Washington, B.A.