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George Davis (AR '93)


At the time of the Award, George Davis was:

Lonoke High School
Lonoke, AR

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"We should educate today's students for tomorrow's world," says George Davis, principal of Lonoke High School in Lonoke. Since becoming principal, Mr. Davis has worked with staff and colleagues to develop programs targeted at at-risk students. He has also introduced appropriate technologies to improve students' writing skills, and he would like to see technological aids applied throughout the curriculum. Mr. Davis is also responsible for instituting programs to reward academic achievement. "I have high expectations for students and teachers, and I have tried to create a school environment that is both physically and intellectually safe," he says. "The most important contribution that an educator can make," he adds, "is to promote cooperation among students, develop a trusting relationship between students and teachers, and create an open line of communication between the school and the community." His years in education have afforded Mr. Davis a host of memorable experiences, but he insists that a memorable experience is potentially in the making every time a student walks into his office.

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M.S., University of Arkansas - Fayetteville

B.S., Jackson State College

M.S., University of Central Arkansas