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Frederica Buffmire (AK '96)


At the time of the Award, Frederica Buffmire was:

Pearl Creek Elementary School
Fairbanks, AK

Biographical Information

An educator for over 25 years, Frederica Buffmire, principal of Pearl Creek Elementary School in Fairbanks, has overseen the introduction of several innovative programs at her school. These include mixed-age classrooms at the primary and intermediate levels, an elementary Spanish program and an intervention program that links the school and its families with services and resources in the community.

Personal Message

Milken Educators have the opportunity to carry a positive message about education throughout their communities. This validating, professional opportunity makes a network of assertive, talented, energetic teachers possible. Whether you change jobs or homes, the common experience and the distinctive professional development opportunities help energize and encourage old and new alike.

Additional Information


1972 University of Alaska System, B.A.

Community Involvement, Gifted & Talented Education, Looping, Multi-age Classrooms, Parental Involvement, State Standards, Teacher Training, University Partnerships