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Frank Brusa (NV '91)

Education Consultant

At the time of the Award, Frank Brusa was:

Las Vegas High School
Las Vegas, NV

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics

Biographical Information

Frank Brusa is principal at Las Vegas High School in the Clark County School District. A community leader as well as an educator, he has formed a partnership with Valley Bank and is working with Nevada Business Services to bring new programs into his school. In 1989, his was the first high school in the southern Nevada to implement the Nevada School Improvement Project. In 1974, 1976, 1979 and 1984, Mr. Brusa participated in the Kettering IDEA Summer Fellows Program, and he was one of four principals selected to represent the district in the 1987-88 Danforth Fellows Program. Selected for his key role in promoting quality education, Mr. Brusa was the first recipient of the Nevada Association of School Administrators Distinguished Administrator's Award.

Additional Information


1965 Eastern Illinois University, B.A.