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Edmund Lemoi (RI '95)


At the time of the Award, Edmund Lemoi was:

Cranston High School West
Cranston, RI

Biographical Information

"We have been successful in bringing the community into the school and in bringing our students to the community," says Edmond Lemoi, principal of Cranston Area Career and Technical Center in Cranston. In recent years, Mr. Lemoi has presided over the Cranston Area Career and Technical Center's transformation into a Total Quality Management School. Though this transition is still in progress, the University of Rhode Island and other institutions have already selected the school as a finalist Total Quality School. Mr. Lemoi has also established the Wish List Program that allocates funds for programs and materials that teachers and community members believe will improve student performance. Through Wish List, the school has successfully introduced program services for special needs students and has purchased over $500, 000 in instructional technology.