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Dr. Theresa Smith

Dr. Theresa Smith (NV '95)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Theresa Smith was:

Sawyer Middle School
Las Vegas, NV

Biographical Information

Theresa Smith is the principal of Grant Sawyer School, a Las Vegas middle school now in its third year. Dr. Smith is responsible for implementing Technology Block, a nine-week program in industrial and science technology, and computer literacy, which is required of all seventh-graders. Where as recently as two years ago only half of the school's students used computers, today, all students at Grant Sawyer are expected to become proficient with computers and skills as diverse as word processing, computer-assisted architectural drafting and musical composition. Dr. Smith takes particular pride in the fact that area high school teachers regard Grant Sawyer students as organized and curious learners with exceptional writing abilities. The school-wide "writing process" program and the daily compulsory study hall are two additional programs developed by Dr. Smith that have contributed to her students' continuing success.