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Dr. Rob Hawkins (IL '96)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Rob Hawkins was:

Assistant Superintendent/Principal
Freeburg Elementary School
Freeburg, IL

Biographical Information

At the time of the Award, Rob Hawkins said, "I try to show children that it is important to celebrate your rights, but equally important to carry out your responsibilities."  To help students develop a sense of social responsibility, Mr. Hawkins instituted community service requirements for all students attending the school. The mentoring, peer mediation and conflict resolution programs he introduced reflected his determination to help students find positive solutions. Under Mr. Hawkins's leadership, Freeburg Elementary School implemented S.T.A.R.S. (Successful Transition of At-Risk Students), a program he praised for its effective support of students in academic or personal difficulty and for its strong parental involvement component. An active policy of home visits and parenting workshops are two other strategies that Mr. Hawkins pursued to further strengthen the ties between home and school.

Additional Information


1994 Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville, B.A.