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Dr. Peter Hodges (CA '89)


Lake Forest Park Elementary School
Lake Forest Park, WA

At the time of the Award, Dr. Peter Hodges was:

Alicia Reyes Elementary School
Merced, CA

Biographical Information

Dr. Peter Hodges is principal of Lake Forest Park Elementary School in Lake Forest Park, a position he has held since 2000. Prior to this, Dr. Hodges was director for educational programs and curriculum at Lakeside School in Seattle. As the innovative principal of the Alicia Reyes Elementary School, which opened in 1989 in the Merced City School District in Merced, California, Dr. Hodges organized support for families just arriving from Laos so they could fully engage the community and incorporate their culture as a valuable educational resource. A committed supporter of educational reform, he championed arts education in his school curriculum. Dr. Hodges also served as principal of both Franklin and Ada Givens Elementary Schools. His students and staff testify to his inspirational leadership and his ability to "energize every facet of the school in which he works."

Additional Information


University of San Francisco, B.A.