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Dr. Nancy Martin (WY '96)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Nancy Martin was:

Eastside Elementary School
Cody, WY

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"We are a building of professionals who are known for taking risks and for pioneering educational concepts in our district," says Nancy Martin, principal of Eastside Elementary School in Cody. Dr. Martin has taken a leading role in the campaign to pass a bond issue for new buildings in her district, and in the subsequent design and development of the unique school she now heads. Three years of collaborative effort with staff, community, district representatives and architects have resulted in a school building whose spatial design incorporates elements of the school's educational philosophy and reflects an unusual sensitivity to concepts such as different learning styles. At her school, Dr. Martin has also implemented an innovative performance benchmark program that actively involves parents in their child's academic progress. Dr. Martin has realized her vision of creating a "perfect place for children and teachers."

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1967 Pittsburg State University, B.A.