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Dr. Mary Romero (CO '92)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Mary Romero was:

Colfax Elementary School
Denver, CO

Biographical Information

Mary Romero is principal of Colfax Elementary School in Denver. Dr. Romero has established several programs to meet the particular needs of her students, many of whom come from low-income backgrounds. These needs have included the Writing-to-Read Program for K-1 students, a bilingual program for students who are not proficient in English and an Educational Outreach Program for Colfax's students who don't have homes. An ardent children's advocate, Dr. Romero also strives to address the needs of the community by helping connect individuals with sources of much-needed human and financial assistance. "Providing each student with the best teacher and educational resources possible is a top priority," says Dr. Romero. "An equal priority is to provide opportunities for the professional growth of teachers and other staff members through staff development, graduate school classes and new teaching strategies."