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Dr. Marcia Capuano

Dr. Marcia Capuano (IN '95)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Marcia Capuano was:

H. L. Harshman Middle School
Indianapolis, IN

Biographical Information

Dr. Marcia Capuano, now retired, was assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction for the MSD of Lawrence Township in Indianapolis. Previously, Capuano was principal of Harsham Middle School in Indianapolis, where she created and implemented several programs to address the needs of the community’s underserved students. Capuano successfully enlisted local agencies, businesses and service organizations to improve all aspects of the school, including its attendance rate, which was only at 70 percent. Dr. Capuano’s innovations also included a comprehensive in-school Adolescent Teen Clinic. Her efforts led to an improved learning environment and helped to increase the student attendance rate to 93 percent.

Additional Information


1985 University of Delaware, M.A.

Alternative Education, Business Partnerships, Charter Schools, Community Involvement, Health, Inclusion, Magnet School, Reading, University Partnerships