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Dr. Katherine Granas (CO '99)


At the time of the Award, Dr. Katherine Granas was:

Thunder Ridge High School
Highlands Ranch, CO

Subject(s) taught: Mathematics
Grade(s): 9, 10, 11, 12

Biographical Information

At Thunder Ridge High School in Highlands Ranch, mathematics teacher Kathy Granas takes a non-traditional approach to math instruction. Using non-routine problems in her pre-algebra classes, Mrs. Granas teaches her students not only how to solve math problems but also to develop their skills and confidence in mathematical reasoning. She uses tests and quizzes not as an end but as a means of diagnosing students' knowledge to help direct further learning and study. A National Board-certified teacher, she is an online mentor both to new teachers and teachers undergoing the certification process. Mrs. Granas teaches a staff development course that she co-developed on effective classroom management and instruction techniques.

Additional Information


1974 University of Illinois, B.A.