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Dr. June Green-Rivers (MI '96)

Executive Director, Office of Literacy

Detroit Public Schools
Detroit, MI

At the time of the Award, Dr. June Green-Rivers was:

Pasteur Elementary School
Detroit, MI

Biographical Information

Dr. June Green-Rivers has been the executive director of the Detroit Public Schools' Office of Literacy since August 2002. Previously, she was principal of Pasteur Elementary School in Detroit, where she advocated an "open-door policy" for students and parents. In an effort to engage all students in an arts program, Dr. Green-Rivers wrote a proposal that secured an ACE (Arts-Centered Education) grant for a four-school partnership that she headed. Having met with great success in its pilot year, the five-year ACE program resulted in a fully arts-integrated curriculum. "The emergence of artistic abilities and an improved self-concept are sure to increase academic achievement," she said. Dr. Green-Rivers also implemented an exemplary hands-on science program, which included a Science Fair and a Math Carnival, reinforcing student interest and academic success in these subjects, and involving parents and the community in school activities.

Additional Information

School-to-Work, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Grant Writing, Reading, Computers, Cooperative Learning