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Dr. Jacqueline Wilcox

Dr. Jacqueline Wilcox (ND '92)

Assistant Professor

University of Dubuque
Dubuque, IA

At the time of the Award, Dr. Jacqueline Wilcox was:

Cannon Ball Elementary School
Cannon Ball, ND

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary

Biographical Information

"The need to foster learning and generate curiosity in children is an integral part of my life," says Jackie Wilcox, teacher of fifth grade students at Cannon Ball Elementary School in Cannon Ball. She strives to meet the individual learning needs of her students by continually developing new teaching techniques. Co-author of a hands-on curriculum resource book for teachers, Ms. Wilcox finds it personally and professionally gratifying to share new ideas by means of conducting workshops, developing curricula and serving as a mentor to other teachers. She is currently enrolled in a master's program of her own design in multicultural education. Ms. Wilcox was a recipient of the 1991 Presidential Award for Excellence in Elementary Science Teaching.

Additional Information


1995 St. Cloud State University, B.A.