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Dr. Howard Boyaj (RI '93)


Whitin Middle School
Uxbridge, MA

At the time of the Award, Dr. Howard Boyaj was:

Lincoln Junior/Senior High School
Lincoln, RI

Subject(s) taught: Science

Biographical Information

Howard Boyaj, principal of Lincoln Junior/Senior High School in Lincoln, believes that a principal "must strive to be not only the most exciting person in a building but the most excited." A successful principal, according to Dr. Boyaj, must be "skillful in releasing the energy of others" and should serve as a source of inspiration and vision for students and faculty alike. Dr. Boyaj firmly believe that principals must aim high in setting academic standards since the quality of student performance in the classroom is greatly determined by the quality of the expectations on the part of the educator. In recent years Dr. Boyaj has taught college-level education courses in cooperative learning. "There is much research," he says, "about what constitutes effective teaching that needs to be incorporated into current teacher training programs." Dr. Boyaj would like to "play a significant role in initiating changes in teacher preparation programs at the Rhode Island state level." In 1990 Dr. Boyaj was named Rhode Island Principal of the Year by the Rhode Island Association of School Principals.

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Providence College, B.A.