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Dr. Carole White (MS '93)

Education Consultant

At the time of the Award, Dr. Carole White was:

Grenada Middle School
Grenada, MS

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"Most students are capable of brilliance, and I accept the responsibility of providing for their development," says Carole White, principal of Grenada Junior High School in Grenada. Dr. White concedes that her standards are "extremely aggressive" when it comes to her expectations of her students' abilities. In her ideal school, which she would like to found someday, "all educators would operate with the assumption that all students are capable of mastering calculus, or writing a literate, well-structured, well-researched essay, of achieving fluency in at least one language in addition to English, and of demonstrating a capacity to live by strict, highly ethical standards." Dr. White is not only committed to excellence, she expects it. Where other people may see utopian projections, Dr. White sees concrete goals. Dr. White is fortunate to have experienced the implementation of innovative ideas close up. "My mother," she says, "founded the first special education program in Grenada, Mississippi. Her dedication, hard work, and genuine concern to provide for the educational needs of children inspired me to become an educator."

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1978 Alcorn State University, B.S.